Baby Yoga

Bond with your baby through BabyFit Baby Yoga. Classes include massage and mobility to help your baby’s development and songs and action rhymes to entertain you both. Baby yoga helps with colic, wind and sleep problems. You will benefit from some postnatal yoga and stretching and will meet lots of other new mums.

From around 10 weeks until your baby can crawl. If your baby is now crawling or walking, ask about Active Baby Yoga. If you are looking to focus more on your fitness, have a look at Postnatal Recovery and Bootcamp.

A six-week course costs £50 including all equipment and detailed handouts. No experience necessary.

Benefits – bonding time, fun, helps development, gentle movement for baby, posture check for mum, quality time, meet other mums, relaxing, techniques to soothe and manage niggles like colic and wind.

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