BabyFit Bootcamp

Do you want to kickstart your fitness and really see a difference in your body shape? If you’ve done the BabyFit Postnatal Recovery course or are more than six months postnatal, you can start to push yourself. But it is really important to do it safely and we know it’s hard to find the time and energy when you have a young family.

BabyFit Bootcamp sessions are specially designed for all women who have had a baby. Every exercise works the postnatal body safely and effectively, paying special attention to the areas that need it most. We will strengthen the weak bits, stretch the achy bits, and protect the vulnerable bits. You will be pushed to work as hard as YOU can.

Beks says: “As a mum, Debbie really understands the perils of postnatal exercise, and makes sure that you exercise to your own ability. I’m now on my fourth course and am HOOKED!. Not only have I lost the baby weight, I’m now nearly a stone under my pre-pregnancy weight. I have made some fab friends, I feel great and the hour on a Sunday morning is a bit of very treasured ‘me-time’ that I am unwilling to give up!”

When? 9.30-10.30am Sunday 28 April to 14 July **FULL**

Where? Thorpe High School sports hall, Pound Lane, Norwich

How much? To make this work, you need to commit so we’ll be asking you to sign up to a 10-session pass for £50. (Believe me, you are more likely to get out of bed if you’ve already paid). The cost includes a healthy eating plan and a gentle introduction to running, which aims to guide you towards being able to run 5km in six weeks.


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I’m on holiday for a couple of weeks – do I still have to pay £50?
You will be able to use your 10-class pass over 12 weeks, which gives you a couple of weeks’ flexibility.

Will it be hard to follow like Zumba or aerobics?
There will be zero choreography. This is military-style bootcamp exercise – short, sharp bursts of the most effective exercises around.

Will it kill me?
You will work only as hard as you safely can. It is hard work (that’s how you see results) but the intervals are short and sharp so even if you do feel like giving up, there will only ever be a few more seconds to go!

When can I start BabyFit Bootcamp?
You must either be more than six months postnatal or have completed the BabyFit Postnatal Recovery course.

My ‘baby’ is now 5. Is it too late for me to join?
Hell, no! These classes are for every woman who has ever had a baby. You can make your body stronger and healthier no matter how old your children are, even if your ‘baby’ is now 25!

Will there be any yoga in the Bootcamp classes?
Yes. Yoga is amazing for toning the body. Just because we’re getting sweaty doesn’t mean we’ll forget everything we’ve learned during the other BabyFit classes. We’ll be using all the postural techniques, deep breathing and relaxation to make our workout safer and even more effective.

Do I have to follow the healthy eating plan?
It is in no way compulsory but this is a great time to try it. And don’t worry, it isn’t some crazy, impossible-to-follow diet, just ‘10 Essential Principles for Postnatal Weight Loss’. Designed to be totally safe for breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding mums alike, the plan will help you get the most from your 10-week bootcamp. Why not give it a go when you’re surrounded by people doing exactly the same thing?

Running? I don’t do running!
You might be surprised! Running is the perfect exercise for mums as you can fit it around your family and you don’t need any expensive equipment or gym membership. If you start slowly and know how to properly warm up and cool down, you will be amazed at how quickly you improve.

I don’t have to weigh myself in front of everyone else, do I?
Absolutely not. Losing weight is not an indication of fitness and wellbeing. Losing a dress size as you lean down and tone up is! So we’ll be suggesting that you measure key areas (waist, hips, upper arm, upper thigh) at the start of the 10 sessions and again after 5 and 10 sessions. There is nothing like seeing the centimetres drop off!.