Debbie BagleyDebbie Bagley is trained extensively in pre- and postnatal fitness and aqua and has two daughters, Ruby and Lauren. Both girls have been coming to BabyFit classes since before they were born.

Debbie trained and worked as a fitness instructor before specialising in pre- and postnatal exercise. She has trained with BabyFit founder Kate Coulson, Jenny Burrell, Jane Wake and Steph Toogood. Debbie is also training to be a yoga teacher with The Yoga Tree.

Debbie’s journey began very sadly, with a twin pregnancy loss following several miscarriages. Despite there being no apparent cause, Debbie’s friends and family raised concerns that her job as a fitness teacher may have something to do with it.

Debbie BagleyDebbie says: “I spoke to different instructors and found many grey areas, with no one willing to give me direct answers. I made a vow to one day train in this area so I could answer my own questions.”

While Debbie was studying for her first prenatal qualification in 2012, she was approached by BabyFit founder, Kate Coulson, about joining the team.

Debbie says: “This was an opportunity I could not say no to. I had done Kate’s classes during pregnancy and after having my two girls and although yoga was still new to me, I felt the benefits straight away.

“The combination of yoga and fitness is a powerful one. Being able to breathe through stressful situations yet still strong enough to push a full shopping trolley with two children hanging off it!”

Kate says: “Debbie was already a passionate and talented fitness teacher. Now she knows the benefits of yoga for pregnancy, birth and beyond, we are combining the best of both worlds to create some unique courses.”

The CoulsonsKate Coulson is the founder of BabyFit. She set up BabyFit in 2005, after the birth of her first child. In 2012, Kate and her family moved to southwest France, to the foothills of the Pyrenees, in pursuit of a simple but rewarding life. She continued to handle the website, marketing and admin for BabyFit for five years, before handing over the reins to Debbie in 2017.

Kate’s new home, Happy Coulson, is on one of the pilgrim paths that cross France on the way to Santiago de Compostelle in Spain and the family offer food and accommodation to pilgrims. Kate runs French and English yoga classes and teaches English to French children who come to stay during the holidays. She also finds time to come back to Norwich every few months to teach family and grown-up yoga workshops for her students in Norfolk.


Kate Coulson