Childbirth PreparationChildbirth Preparation Workshop
Date: tbc, please email to register your interest
Venue: tbc, Norwich

Cost: £50 per couple including equipment, handouts, refreshments.

From 20 weeks right up to your due date. These workshops are for you and your partner (or birth partner). It is not necessary to have previously completed a BabyFit Pregnancy Yoga course.

Perfect on its own or as a complement to other antenatal classes. Designed to fill in the gaps, this workshop gives a really practical and helpful insight into what you and your partner can do for you during labour.

We look at ways of getting your baby into the most comfortable position for birth, as well as breathing and massage techniques. Your partners will learn simple techniques to help reduce pain, aid the descent of the baby and make you feel safe and comfortable.

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What dads say about the workshops…

“Thanks so much for the workshop. It was really practical and informative and you managed to keep my husband’s attention for three hours which is pretty impressive! The workshop was truly very good, thanks – and talking about the cave really worked. Was funny cos on the way back in the car he said ‘hmm, my job is to guard the cave!’ really proud, like! Brilliant.”

“I enjoyed just listening, we have been to a couple of ante-natal classes and there was no comparison, the way you explained and described situations was very engaging and a pleasure to listen to and most amusing at times as well (the biscuits were blinding!)”

“Fantastic!!! When my wife said it was 3 hours I did think oh no that’s a bit long but how wrong was I. The time flew past and I found it very enjoyable. The way you talk to the class and explain things is brilliant, it makes you want to listen and join in with the class”

“After the birth, Matt said he honestly would not have had a clue why I was doing the different positions etc and the reasons behind it all without the workshop.  We both felt the whole labour was a completely positive experience. Matt’s support was incredible and it was such a benefit that he knew how to tell me to breathe. It was so empowering to feel that level of pain but not panic and know what to do.  I am so proud of myself at how I dealt with it, so proud of how we worked together as a complete unit to have such a positive experience, but I know that we owe a huge amount of that to you for the yoga techniques and the class, so thank you sooooo much! The relaxation techniques are also proving very useful for getting to sleep between feeds.  I’m hearing you telling me to relax my shoulders etc and it’s making the world of difference, I’ve even got Matt doing it!”

“Tim was not looking forward to it at all, i think he had visions of us all sitting around in funny positions chanting! However he came away with a completely different view, found the workshop fun and reassuring that he wouldn’t be useless during the labour and birth. We both now really feel ready for baby to come and we are prepared for the labour we hope for but also if it doesn’t go to plan there are things we can do to help baby arrive safely. We found the whole workshop really useful especially the stages of labour diagram (was a lot clearer than in our antenatal classes) and also the positive interactions tips. After the workshop Tim felt he would be more useful to me during labour and felt less nervous about the birth.”

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