Thanks to my amazing students who turned out en masse on Tuesday night for our last Anusara class. It was emotional but in a really happy way. Such good memories.
Last Anusara class

Lui Buck, mum to another four-year-old India (great name choice) will be taking over BabyFit Active Baby Yoga and BabyFit Toddler and Children’s Yoga.
Lui says: “I have been practising yoga for around 13 years but since the birth of my daughter in 2008 my yoga practice has become much more fun.  It’s a great way for us to play physically, which helps her both development and my fitness! Yoga mirrors my journey as a mum with poses that are fast, fun and energetic blended with poses that are slower and much calmer.  It is a wonderful gift to pass on to our little ones and a great addition to our toolkit as parents as through deep breathing and relaxation we can all learn to live more calmly.
I have worked with children in various forms over the years from a Primary School Teaching Assistant to a Brownie Guider and an Outdoor Activity Instructor.  I have recently completed an NVQ 2 in Supporting Teaching and Learning in schools with four to sixteen year olds.   My most recent work as a Physiotherapy Technical Instructor gave me great knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of our bodies through completing a Foundation Degree in Science (Health Studies).  My yoga qualifications include a certificate from ‘June’s Yoga’ incorporating yoga into the classroom, the British Wheel of Yoga foundation course, and the Birthlight SMART (Stretch, Move and Relax Together) certificate.”

Jackie Heffer Cooke, mum to Megan and Sam, will be stepping in to teach BabyFit Pregnancy Yoga and BabyFit Baby Yoga.
Jackie says: “I have been specialising in supporting pregnant parents and new mums, since I began my massage training in 2007.  In 2008, I trained in London in pregnancy massage, qualified in 2008 as an official HypnoBirthing Practitioner – specifically in the internationally renowned Marie Mongan Method – and since then I have helped literally hundreds of newbie parents in the Norwich area have a more confident and calm, birth experience.  In 2009, whilst pregnant with my son, Sam, I attended BabyFit courses and found it invaluable to my birth and a wonderful compliment to my own training.  From then on a new love and respect for yoga was born and in 2009 I qualified as a Baby Yoga Instructor, which I have taught over the last two years.  I am extremely excited to now be adding Pregnancy Yoga to my ‘birth and baby belt’ as this work is my passion.”
Jackie is also co-owner and director of The Orange Grove Clinic, a centre which specialises in complementary health for pregnancy, birth and baby. If you haven’t already, click the link to find out more about The Orange Grove Clinic. It rocks! Especially Jackie’s incredible massages…

We’ve had a great response for the new BabyFit Progressive Postnatal Fitness classes – now renamed BabyFit Bootcamp as we really mean business.

When? Sundays 9.30-10.30am, starting Sunday 10 June

Where? Sports hall, Oasis

Cost? £50 for 10 sessions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions….

I’m on holiday for a couple of weeks – do I still have to pay £50?

You will be able to use your 10-class pass over 12 weeks, which gives you a couple of weeks’ flexibility.

Will it be hard to follow like Zumba or aerobics?

There will be zero choreography. This is military-style bootcamp exercise – short, sharp bursts of the most effective exercises around.

Will it kill me?

You will work only as hard as you safely can. It will be hard work – that’s how you will see results and feel so amazing – but the intervals are short and sharp so even if you do feel like giving up, there will always only be a few more seconds to go!

When can I start BabyFit Bootcamp?

You must either be more than six months postnatal or have completed the BabyFit Postnatal Yoga and Pilates course.

My ‘baby’ is now 5. Is it too late for me to join?

Hell, no! These classes are for every woman who has ever had a baby. You can make your body stronger and healthier no matter how old your children are.

Will there be any yoga in the Bootcamp classes?

Yes. Debbie will be bringing a yoga and pilates feel to the core and stretch elements of the workout as yoga is amazing for toning the body. Also, just because we’re getting sweaty doesn’t mean we’ll forget everything we’ve learned during the other BabyFit classes – we’ll be using all the postural techniques, deep breathing and relaxation to make our workout safer and even more effective.

Do I have to follow the healthy eating plan?

We are working on a realistic healthy eating plan for those of you who are really determined to see a difference. It is in no way compulsory but if you’re up for it this is a great time to try it – even just for 10 weeks to kickstart the new you. Why not give it a go when you’re surrounded by your mates who are doing exactly the same thing? And don’t worry, a fab nutritionist will be checking the plan to make sure it is also suitable for those of you who are still breastfeeding.

I don’t have to weigh myself in front of everyone, do I?

Absolutely not. Losing weight is not an indication of fitness and wellbeing. Losing a dress size as you lean down and tone up is! So we’ll be suggesting that you measure key areas (waist, hips, upper arm, upper thigh) at the start of the 10 sessions and again after 5 and 10 sessions. There is nothing like seeing the centimetres drop off to keep you motivated.

To sign up, please email Kate at

Debbie and LaurenDebbie is a wonderful fitness instructor who is trained in ante and postnatal fitness and has the far more important qualification of having two beautiful daughters, Ruby and Lauren. Both girls have been coming to BabyFit classes since before they were born – Lauren is coming to postnatal yoga with Debbie and Kate at the moment. Debbie will be taking over the BabyFit Postnatal Yoga & Pilates course and is also setting up the brand new BabyFit Bootcamp. More about Debbie to follow.


Apologies for poor advertising… Toddler is really the wrong word as this course is wonderful at any age. I’ve had children from 18 months to 12 years come along and all have loved it. Indy still comes with me and she’s nearly five. So if you want to bring your “more-than-a-toddler”, please do! Younger siblings are also welcome – we often have a couple of crawlers joining the general melee. Next course is 10-11.15am Monday 18 June to 23 July. Cost is £50 for six weeks, regardless of how many little people you bring. Email me at


When? Sundays 9.30-10.30am **STARTING SUNDAY 10 JUNE**

Where? Sports hall, Oasis

Do you want to kickstart your fitness and really see a difference in your body shape. Once you’ve done the BabyFit Postnatal Yoga & Pilates course or are more than six months postnatal, you can start to push yourself, but it is essential to do this safely and appropriately.

That’s where we come in. These sessions are specially designed for women who have had a baby (or several). Every exercise works the postnatal body safely and effectively, paying special attention to the areas that need it most. We will strengthen the weak bits, stretch the achy bits, and protect the vulnerable bits. You will be pushed to work as hard as YOU can.

How much? To make this work, you need to commit so we’ll be asking you to sign up to a 10-week pass for £50. Believe me, you will be much more likely to get out of bed if you’ve already paid for it.

To sign up, please email Kate at



BabyFit is entering an exciting new time as four amazing teachers are being trained up to teach the growing number of BabyFit classes. Watch this space for the announcement of your new teachers and a great new course designed to really kickstart your postnatal fitness.

Wondering what to get your friend for her maternity leave or baby shower gift?

Stuck for birthday, anniversary or Christmas present ideas for your wife, partner or friend?

You can now buy gift vouchers for any BabyFit course – choose from pregnancy, postnatal or progressive yoga and pilates, and baby, active baby or toddler yoga.

Vouchers are £50 for any six-week course.

You can also buy vouchers for 10 classes of adult Anusara-Inspired yoga for £60.

TO BUY A VOUCHER: Email or call Kate on 07798 690451.

New dates for BabyFit courses in pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga and pilates, baby yoga, active baby yoga and toddler yoga. Click here for more details.

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