By Jodie Evans and Ewan

Ewan, aged three, doing his first L-shape pose – assisted by Jodie, who says: “Yoga has played such a huge part in my recovery process post back operation that I am quite sure I need to carry on yogaing for the rest of my life, it seems that every time I stop for a couple of weeks the old niggling pains return. From a postnatal point of view, it has been an amazing physical and mental experience, I really look forward to the time out of crazy mummy life to sort all the wobbly bits out somewhere I feel completely relaxed and I often arrive with a head full of stress and leave ridiculously relaxed. I have found the progressive class a challenge, but am amazed at how much easier I am now finding the poses we have practiced, considering I am a ridiculously unflexible person. The level of understanding and empathy Kate offers everyone really is what makes her classes so special. She is always so enthusiastic about everyone’s achievements and motivates us all to push ourselves in such a positive way.”

By Caroline Piercy and Ella

Before I met Kate I have to say I didn’t think I’d be a yoga fan, to me it meant cheesecloth-wearing hippies and possibly a stay in India eating lentils! So I went along to my first class at the invite of a friend in the hopes that it would be at least something gentle to do in my post-baby stupor. How wrong can a person be about yoga? – very!!! Kate has well and truly converted me through her down to earth attitude, understanding, can-do approach and wicked sense of humour. The first postnatal classes I went to were so gentle it was difficult to believe I was exercising at all and I came away with a little more movement and positive feeling about myself each week. Now I’m doing Progressive Postnatal and find myself having more strength than I thought possible, correcting my posture when I’m doing the washing up and just a general feeling of optimism about life! You certainly gain physically from Kate’s classes – I couldn’t do a handstand when I was 7 and now miraculously I’m halfway there aged 35! – and I feel myself growing in strength and suppleness. But you also gain mentally. Kate has helped me calm down in my approach to life and learn that sometimes it’s ok just to be – Ella doesn’t always need her mum to be rushing round like a mad thing. And it’s all done with a sense of humour and ability to giggle if you don’t make quite what you’re heading for – there is no frowning in Kate’s classes!! Kate’s classes are part exercise, part giggling, part therapy and lot of fun. Plus Ella has been attending the classes since she was about 6 months old and loves every minute, it has a really calming effect on her and she takes in all the weird poses we throw for her amusement – aged 13 months she’s just done her first ‘down dog’ pose. Now if that isn’t testament to Kate’s magic abilities I don’t know what is!

Join us for Norfolk’s first ever Anusara-Inspired yoga classes and discover for yourself the joys and challenges of this modern style of Hatha yoga. Level One courses and Level Two drop-in classes on Tuesdays at the Oasis, Pound Lane, Thorpe St Andrew. For more details, see Anusara-Inspired Yoga.

New workshops to help you and your partner understand the mechanics of labour and find techniques you can both use. Open to everyone – you don’t have to have completed a BabyFit pregnancy yoga and pilates course. Workshops cost £30 per couple (or woman and birth partner) and take place at the Oasis Sports and Leisure Club, Pound Lane, Norwich. Kate can also do private sessions for couples in the comfort of their own home, costing £50. For more information, see Childbirth Preparation Workshops.

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