I loved feeling that I was doing something good for myself and baby, and doing something with other pregnant women. It also felt like a really safe and gentle way to get exercise. Good to learn about the different muscles and postures you need to train in pregnancy, something the midwives don’t really cover. It also taught me some things that I can do on my own when I go swimming.

This course was really enjoyable, it was exactly what I wanted to do during my pregnancy. The pace, the exercises and the atmosphere was great. I slept really well the night after and had no pains or aches afterwards.

This class enabled me to be active without experiencing back/hip pain. I enjoyed being able to work out and knowing that I could go at my own pace.


I swear this class helped me to have an easier labour. Debbie is amazing. So knowledgeable.  What she doesn’t know about the pelvic hammock isn’t worth knowing. I enjoyed the classes so much I took part until 39 weeks pregnant and the only reason I wasn’t there at 40 weeks was because my waters had broken!

Debbie took us through useful breathing techniques and birthing positions for labour as well as the importance of pelvic floor strength which I found really helped me in my recovery postnatally. It was a lovely way to meet other new mums to be and to share our ups and downs each week and Debbie was incredibly friendly, supportive and encouraging throughout. I would highly recommend it to anyone during their pregnancy.

I cannot recommend the pregnancy classes enough. They have made me continue to feel confident in exercise during pregnancy and are mentally preparing me for the physically demanding labour to come! I have made some fantastic friends during the course too and have lots of fun. I really look forward to the classes each week 🙂

Debbie was brilliant at giving tips on how to carry out the exercises and was always able to offer suggestions or adaptions for aches and pains that I had at the time.

I did this course four times, absolutely loved it. It kept me fit throughout my pregnancy and Debbie was brilliant – there’s nothing she doesn’t know when it comes to pregnancy. She taught me so much when it comes to labour, especially concentrating on breathing techniques this really helped me throughout my labour.


Used the golden thread breathing and shaking the pear tree and tens machine which worked really well together!! Went into water once pool was ready which was lovely. Continued with the golden thread whilst kneeling forward. Ellis arrived into the world at 15.55hrs. Weighing an impressive 10lb 2oz!! No intervention required. Totally pain relief free and i truly believe that by using those techniques from yoga that i was able to be in complete control throughout the entire labour. …So a big thank-you, BabyFit!!

I have to say the golden thread was invaluable throughout, and the Aah of Delight also great (it was also good for helping fetal hiccups and now use it for the first few toe-curling seconds of latching on!). I’m sure that if I’d not been to your yoga classes I wouldn’t have managed as long as I did at home, would have had a longer labour and needed more pain relief than the 2 paracetamol I got through it with, so I can’t thank you enough for the past few months of preparation.

Thank you so much for the fab courses. I used the breathing techniques a great deal throughout the labour and the midwife even commented on how well I used the breathing to get through the pain. She was very impressed when I told her about your classes and felt they should be mandatory!!


I was worried about attending my first class, especially if Emilia kicked off I imagined everyone would look at me! I really shouldn’t have had any concern, Debbie is just lovely and makes you feel really comfortable – the first thing she told us was not to worry if your baby cries, they all will at some point! I have made many lovely new friends as well as getting my figure back – perfect! Debbie is one if the best instructors I have ever met, she really helps you reach your full potential but safely and all the classes are friendly and non judgemental.

Yoga has played such a huge part in my recovery process post back operation that I am quite sure I need to carry on yoga-ing for the rest of my life, it seems that every time I stop for a couple of weeks the old niggling pains return. From a postnatal point of view, it has been an amazing physical and mental experience. I really look forward to the time out of crazy mummy life to sort all the wobbly bits out somewhere I feel completely relaxed and I often arrive with a head full of stress and leave ridiculously relaxed.

I started Postnatal Recovery four months after having my baby girl. I was keen to build up my fitness levels again and it was was great to begin in an environment with other new mums. BabyFit makes fitness fun and there is no pressure to push yourself any harder than you feel able. However, each class builds on the previous one so I was quick to notice the improvement in my fitness and stamina. The classes are varied and really well specified to meet the needs of new mums and beyond. It is now eight months since I started and they are still brilliant!

I’ve been amazed at how quickly my strength and stability has improved while doing Postnatal Recovery. I love the fact that there is something new to focus on every week both physically and mentally. I always seem to be rushing around but this course has helped me focus on, and enjoy, the ‘here and now’ rather than being stressed and worrying about what’s next!

Postnatal Recovery has met all my expectations – it’s challenging, fun and absolutely fantastic at working core muscles. Since participating in this class my core stability and mental focus has improved immensely.


Before my first class I was really nervous, I genuinely had visions of feeling like I was back in the school changing rooms.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up or that I’d be judged as being too fat and unfit. But within minutes of my first class all my worries disappeared, everyone is really friendly and welcoming and one of the ground rules of the class is that there is no judgment of others, everyone does as little or as much of the class as they can physically manage. This is further aided by the fact that Deb is so knowledgeable about everything to do with postnatal fitness and she easily adapts any exercise to suit the various aches/pains/injuries of the class members. After my first session I was buzzing with energy and excitement and knew that I wanted more. I’m now almost at the end of my second course and Sunday mornings with Deb have become part of my normal routine – I can honestly say that for me there is no better start to my day.

I love Bootcamp because of the variety, not just within each session but also across the course. I like being pushed hard because although it is really (really!) tough at the time, there is a much bigger sense of achievement afterwards. You strike a perfect balance with giving us enough info on what we’re targeting and what we need to be doing without overloading… I have done classes when they go into so much detail that I end up not having a clue what they are going on about! I think one of the best things is you! When you say, no judgement, I know you mean it! You push us but in a very positive way and it is a very enjoyable class… tricep presses aside… so thank you!

I gave birth to Amber, my little girl in August 2012, and started Babyfit Bootcamp in the November. I was really nervous going back to exercise after well over a year without any exercise. I had put on a lot of weight (nearly 3 stone… gulp), and wanted to feel fit again. Debbie has a fab personality, we have a giggle as well as work up a sweat! Having recently had children herself Debbie really understands the perils of postnatal exercise, and makes sure that you exercise to your own ability. I can say that I am HOOKED! I’m now on my fourth course. Not only have I lost the baby weight, I’m now nearly a stone under my pre pregnancy weight. I have made some new fab friends, I feel great and the hour on a Sunday morning is a bit of very treasured ‘me-time’ that I am unwilling to give up for the foreseeable future!

This class is amazing!  I decided to do it to kickstart my return to a non-mumsie body after having my two girls and it works while also having fun.  Debbie will make you work but you know what, you enjoy it and you especially enjoy the results. I lost over half a stone and 9 inches from my body and can’t wait to do the course again.  Debbie keeps it interesting whether its your first time, your second or even third… people do come back again and again!  She works you to your own level and makes it clear it a safe place to be if you can’t reach the level others can.  She knows the problems of a postnatal body and what exercise can do and helps every step of the way.  Join it!  But beware… you might become addicted 🙂

My “baby” is now 18 months old and I have been going to Bootcamp since it started and I still love it! In the last year I have noticed that not only have I toned, I have more stamina and more strength. Debbie is so good at motivating the whole class and has variations of each exercise for different fitness levels, encouraging us to push ourselves as far as we can. It is a great environment, where no one judges and where we all have the same goals… to lose baby weight, to tone, to get fit, to make friends and to be happy!

Babyfit bootcamp is an excellent way to kickstart your fitness!  I am now halfway through the first course and can really notice the difference, my legs have turned into solid powerhouses and I have lost half an inch off my thighs and arms, an inch off my hips and an amazing 2 inches from my waist! Everything definitely looks more toned too. Expect to burn in the sessions, they are quite hardcore and you think you can’t carry on but you only ever have a few more seconds until you change exercise.  It really pushes your limits but you feel AMAZING afterwards! Highly recommended.

Debbie’s great and the combination of the class, healthy eating and the running plan have meant that I’ve lost 10 pounds, 3 inches off my waist, 4 off my belly and 1 off the top of my legs – hooray 🙂  But better than all of that I’m getting my strength and fitness back and that Spring triathlon is defo looking possible 🙂


I experienced wonderful feelings during baby yoga class and I would recommend this course to each new mother and her baby. It gave me more confidence, helped me cope with the stresses and gave me good feedback from baby – I notice that baby yoga exercise makes Szymon happy. It is a fantastic holistic method of exercise for mother and baby. Your teachers are amazing, friendly people who create a wonderful atmosphere filled with peace and quiet and positive emotions. Thank you lots.

We loved baby yoga, Alfie was my first child and the teacher’s relaxed friendly manner and great sense of humour gave great support in the early months. My fella and I used the relaxation song at Alfie’s bedtime for the first year and he used to go straight to sleep with it. It still chills him out sometimes but he’s 2 and a half now so nothing keeps him chilled for long! BabyFit is more than just yoga. The yoga is great but so too is the group support to discuss baby things in a light-hearted manner. I got some great solutions from the teacher and other mums by chatting about things in the intro section. Loved the yoga, helped to keep all those neck and shoulder pains at bay from holding, feeding and rocking Alfie. I would leave class feeling relaxed and refreshed no matter how tired and stressed I had arrived.


Having never taken a yoga class I was unsure what to expect and was amazed at how simple exercises and stretches could make such a difference. We initially signed up to the group thinking it would be good socialisation for Hugo but actually found it of even more beneficial for me! Thanks Debbie for fantastic introduction to Yoga and hope to be taking the course again soon x

My little girl has always been a wriggler and I’ve had trouble keeping her still at some of the baby classes we’ve been to, so this active baby yoga class was great for her!  Bethany loved Debbie with her enthusiasm and positive comments.  She laughed at Bethany climbing up to her and taking a very active part in the lessons at times.  Debbie was really encouraging and made sure she spent time with each of the babies.  Debbie made sure I was relaxed as well, so that I wasn’t worried about letting Bethany just crawl around and not having to chase after her.  The songs were great, different from other classes and it was brilliant to be taught how to safely ‘throw’ Bethany around.  She loved being an ‘upside down baby’ and spinning in the air.  We both really enjoyed it and I benefited from doing the yoga moves again myself and being reminded about posture.

I’ve been doing yoga with my son since he was a few months old. He’s now just turned 3 and we are both getting more than ever out of it. He really looks forward to going and you make it great fun. You learn lots of moves and songs which you can use at home. There’s nothing better than walking into the lounge at home and seeing your little one doing some random moves that he’s just learnt. I believe it is a great discipline for us both and would thoroughly recommend doing these courses for development and bonding.

Baby yoga has been so enjoyable and worthwhile for both me and my son James. The active baby yoga classes have given me huge confidence to play more physically with him, knowing that he is having great fun but that he is safe. The classes have had a hugely positive influence on my relationship with James and I use so much of what you teach us back at home both in play and when we both might need to calm down! I’ve loved the fact that these classes are for both me and James, I come away feeling lighter and rested, whilst knowing that James has had a fantastic time and will sleep really well that night!!!

We absolutely loved the Active Baby Yoga course. It was a very special activity that we both gained a lot out of. It is full of delightful moves and songs and is very varied. The teachers are wonderful and guide you and you baby through the course effortlessly.


Minera and Tim
It was a great workshop and I feel so much better knowing Tim has come away knowing that little bit more. He reminded me last night to breathe!

Melissa and Sam
It was really practical and informative and you managed to keep my husband’s attention for three hours which is pretty impressive! The workshop was truly very good, thanks – and talking about the cave really worked. Was funny cos on the way back in the car he said ‘hmm, my job is to guard the cave!’ really proud, like! Brilliant.

Claire and Matt
After the birth, Matt said he honestly would not have had a clue why I was doing the different positions etc without the workshop.  We both felt the whole labour was a completely positive experience. I felt I was in complete control of the contractions the whole time (apart from about half an hour towards end when they came so fast I knew I wasn’t goign to get to hospital in time unless we got an ambulance!). I did lots of swaying, camel and for later ones I was shaking my tail feather like a loon!!  Matt’s support was incredible and it was such a benefit that he knew how to tell me to breathe. It was so empowering to feel that level of pain but not panic and know what to do.  I am so proud of myself at how I dealt with it, so proud of how we worked together as a complete unit to have such a positive experience, but I know that we owe a huge amount of that to you for the yoga techniques and the class, so thank you sooooo much! The relaxation techniques are also proving very useful for getting to sleep between feeds.  I’m hearing you telling me to relax my shoulders etc and it’s making the world of difference, I’ve even got Matt doing it!!!

Kelly and Tim
A very enjoyable and informative morning which was fun and light-hearted. Tim was not looking forward to it at all, i think he had visions of us all sitting around in funny positions chanting! However he came away with a completely different view, found the workshop fun and reasuring that he wouldn’t be useless during the labour and birth. We both now really feel ready for baby to come and we are prepared for the labour we hope for but also if it doesn’t go to plan there are things we can do to help baby arrive safely. We found the whole workshop really useful especially the stages of labour diagram (was alot clearer than in our antenatal classes) and also the possitive interactions tips, after the workshop Tim felt he would be more useful to me during labour and felt less nervous about the birth.

Andrea and James
I found this a very useful reminder as a 2nd time mum, and an excellent way of spending time together as a couple and dedicating some time to consider and discuss the pregnancy and what lies ahead. Especially as this time, we seem to have spent less time discussing the baby, birth etc. Outside of the classroom, life is hectic and complicated but this has given me time to actually communicate with James where we can leave life outside for a while.

Hannah and Phil
Funny, informative, direct. Just right. Think it’s so easy when you’re soaking up as much information as you can from books, magazines, programmes n the like, but it’s never the same as when you get the information in ‘real life’ terms, in context, with trusted opinion and with practical things to be able to do/ use. You really made me think about the ‘letting go’ bit and it’s very true and also the reality of the fact that anything can be undone – whatever the outcome of birth. I know it’s obvious but there’s a vulnerability in pregnancy, particularly with your first as you just don’t know what to expect and so just soak up everything your told, it’s hard to get that ‘in reality’ balance. I’m well glad I found your yoga classes 🙂