Postnatal Recovery

Take control of  your post-pregnancy body with BabyFit Postnatal Recovery. This ground-breaking course uses yoga and the latest postnatal fitness techniques to help you become stronger than ever before. 

This course is for all new mums regardless of how you birthed. It gives you all the tools and techniques for optimum postnatal healing. We address tummy muscle separation (diastasis), pelvic floor weakness, how our body deals with the worry of being a new mum and most importantly give you time to breathe and relax.

Suitable from just six weeks until your baby can crawl. Babies are invited and involved but some mums choose to come alone when they have the chance so they can really focus on themselves.

If you are more than six months postnatal and feel ready for a challenge, why not try BabyFit Bootcamp? For a course that focuses more on your baby, have a look at BabyFit Baby Yoga and Active Baby Yoga.

Six-week courses cost £50 including all equipment. Just bring yourself and your baby (and maybe something for them to lie on or play with) and wear comfortable clothes you can stretch in. No experience necessary.

Benefits – focuses on mum, helps regain muscle tone, improve posture, ease aches and pains, stretch, strengthen, pelvic floor control, boost energy levels, relax, rediscover important ‘me-time’, meet other mums

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