After your baby is born, exercise can boost your mood, help you lose weight and get back in shape, ease aches and pains, increase your energy, and improve strength and stamina to help you care for your child.

BabyFit offers a range of courses to support your recovery after pregnancy and childbirth:
New baby and want to start getting your body back?
From just six weeks, Postnatal Recovery will safely start to strengthen your body from the inside out as well as stretching away your aches and pains.
Looking for a fun activity to do with your baby? 
From 10 weeks, your baby wants to play – Baby Yoga is fun for both of you and helps with colic, wind and sleep.
Baby on the move?
Get moving with them at Active Baby Yoga, buildling your strength and flexibility as they get bigger.
Ready to kick some butt?
Join BabyFit Bootcamp and be safely guided to feeling fitter and stronger than ever before.

All courses cost £50 for six weeks (10 weeks for Bootcamp) and take place at various venues around Norwich.
No previous experience necessary.