Birth Yoga+


BabyFit Birth Yoga+ is not currently running face to face. BumpĀ  Yoga+ is suitable for all trimesters and is currently available on Thursday evenings between 6-7.45pm.

If you would like a Birth Yoga+ class via a pre-recorded video, please email Debbie at to arrange.


Birth Yoga+

Birht yoga+ focuses on balancing the body in these final weeks of pregnancy. Each class uses adapted yoga, Pilates and functional movement to provide your body with the ongoing support it needs whilst preparing to release, let go and open for birth. Moving slower than in bump yoga+, we address the space available and how we can use the poses and positions to assist your baby’s journey through the pelvis for a proactive, positive birth experience. Breathing is a fundamental part of life, however optimising the way we breath with various techniques can help to destress, unwind and become familiar ready for your birth giving day.